Marketing Education: Strategies to Promote Valuable Educational Content

Marketing education is an important part of any school's success. Learn how you can use various strategies such as AI optimization, social media campaigns, content creation & more.

Marketing Education: Strategies to Promote Valuable Educational Content

Marketing education is a type of marketing that promotes valuable educational content and helps institutions and individuals to take advantage of it. After integrating HubSpot into its marketing program, the National College of Ireland (NCI) saw a staggering 247% increase in potential customers in 12 months. The NCI attributes this increase in part to taking a people-centered approach and adapting its content to the main types of visitors who visit its website. Marketing automation can also be used outside the digital realm.

Many platforms allow marketers to track traditional marketing initiatives, such as the physical email sent, the events they attend, and interactions with recruiters. For example, Algonquin College was able to increase its leads year after year by 71% by using Marketo to optimize its print and digital marketing strategies. Optimizing time with AI is another great way to maximize your educational marketing efforts. Tools like Seventh Sense use machine learning to identify the best time to send emails to every person who interacted with your email in the past.

Sending an email with personalized delivery times can increase engagement by 15 to 30%. In addition, Seventh Sense can help you identify which people on your list are losing interest and are unlikely to interact with your messages. This way, you can save your reputation as a sender by sending emails only to people who are likely to interact. It's time to make a plan and implement these 12 new marketing strategies for higher education. Like any company, educational institutions need to market their brand.

You're competing with other schools to attract students and you have a lot of value to offer. While educational marketing doesn't just cover a product or service, it also provides customers with information related to what they want to hear or need to learn about a particular topic, industry or product. In fact, doctoral courses in education underscore the importance of marketing in the industry in boosting revenues and growth. Since their inception, social media platforms have matured in every way imaginable and now offer a myriad of different ways to use them in higher education marketing. However, unlike marketing simple products such as sneakers or smartphones, marketing for schools and universities requires much more thought, detail and transparency, since “customers will invest up to four years of their lives and a lot of money in their education”.Instead of attracting your audience instantly, educational marketing allows you to share knowledge that has the power to foster your relationship with your target audience and a greater relationship. The purpose of educational marketing is to implement several marketing strategies to promote valuable educational content. Educational marketing is a branch of marketing that combines methods, strategies and tools to analyze the market, adapt a school's services to the needs and expectations of its potential clientele and promote its value proposition.

He states that education has been fundamental to Widen's marketing and customer experience, as evidenced by the change in customer satisfaction measures over the past five years. You can start by simply creating a website, choosing a domain and hosting service, and adding content pages. The Content Marketing Institute states that educational marketing is better received by consumers and costs 62 percent less than traditional marketing. Generation Z is next on the list for higher education and they live and breathe the digital world, and digital intuition is easy for them. If you don't know all the whereabouts of educational marketing, you can start building your own content marketing team or hire a marketing agency that can help you learn to use education as your main marketing tactic. Comprehensive approaches to marketing education programs will leverage most or all of these strategies as part of your educational marketing plan. Since educational content is one of the most popular types of video content, educational marketers rarely have to go far to find content ideas. Digital marketing offers cost-effective ways, compared to traditional marketing methods, to introduce new educational products and services to a wide range of audiences. Social media marketing for educational institutions is no different from social media marketing for any company. Single Grain knows how to use the latest and smartest digital marketing strategies to help your online education business thrive.