Why Digital Marketing is Growing in Popularity

Learn why Digital Marketing is growing in popularity & how businesses can stay competitive by staying up-to-date with current trends.

Why Digital Marketing is Growing in Popularity

Customers are now spending more time and resources on their own media channels, such as websites, mobile apps and customer service channels. There is also a noticeable increase in customer conversion rates, as social and digital video channels generate the highest ROIs. Ask the CMO of any top-tier company what their tips are for achieving your business goals and, without a doubt, a solid digital marketing strategy will be considered number one. Digital marketing is more affordable, flexible and engaging than traditional marketing methods. Even the best-performing small and medium-sized companies are finding better competition, better practices and greater participation through digital marketing.

Many of the biggest brands in the world today, including digital platforms such as Facebook (Meta) and Google (Alphabet), are consumer brands, but when considering the best way to use digital strategies, it's important to also consider business-to-business brands. There are many B2B companies that often offer services to B2C brands. Smart Insights developed their RACE Marketing planning framework to work equally in the B2B and B2C markets. This is the case, since it integrates the digital experiences of its customers by interacting with the brands of Reach, Act, Convert and Engage, all the way through the customer journey. As I mentioned, success in digital marketing requires mastering the details.

In my book, I explain how these 16 examples of different types of marketing technologies cover 6 digital media channels, in addition to a range of paid media, own media and earned media options. Not sure where to start? Access our marketing strategy solutions specific to members of the company and get all the tools you need to optimize your marketing strategy on 10 of the most popular marketing channels and strategies. Incredibly, I originally suggested these 10 reasons to invest in digital marketing twenty years ago, but they are still important, which is why I have continued to evolve approaches to developing digital strategies in line with the latest digital marketing trends. So, if you don't have a strategy yet or you might want to review what business topics are important to include in a strategic review, we've established the 10 most common problems that, in our experience, arise if you don't have a strategy. We recommend a 90-day planning approach (template) to prioritize your activities through the RACE growth process, which identifies 25 key digital activities that you must continuously refine by prioritizing those that matter most. Boost your results with this toolkit containing 13 resources. You can use tools to see which channels generate the most traffic, which campaign was the most effective, and which site your customers like the most.

This way, you can easily plan your next advertising campaign and know exactly what you should focus on and invest in. To do this, you need to look at your statistics and know exactly what metrics you need to get the measurements you want. Once that's done, it's much easier to create advertising campaigns and drive traffic to your website if you want to boost sales. Digital marketing has forever changed the way companies operate and communicate with their customers. I'm sure that many of the companies in this category use digital media effectively and could undoubtedly get great results with their searches, email or social media marketing.

In small businesses, a generalist could simultaneously own many of the digital marketing tactics described above. Digital marketing allows you to track campaigns on a daily basis and reduce the amount of money you spend on a given channel if it doesn't show a high ROI. This is particularly the case with larger companies, where different parts of the marketing organization are seen buying different tools or using different agencies to perform similar online marketing tasks. Finally, to create an effective long-term digital marketing strategy, it's vital that your team learn to change based on analytics. The algorithms used to boost Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn and publishers control your visibility and how much you pay, so to gain visibility, digital marketers must familiarize themselves with the latest techniques. Although PPC isn't going anywhere, fewer and fewer Internet users will be able to see your ads in the coming years so you'd better invest in organic digital marketing channels. With customers becoming more educated and demanding, digital marketing companies need to continuously improve their skills to stay ahead of the curve.

The best digital marketers have a clear idea of how each digital marketing campaign supports their overall objectives. Digital marketing is often compared to inbound marketing but it doesn't differentiate between “inbound” and “outbound” methods. Because in these times, the process of analyzing your digital marketing strategy and attracting customers online is defining whether a company is thriving and succeeding or has simply failed. IAB forecasts show that digital marketing will continue to grow in importance in the coming years. However, if a company implements a solid digital marketing plan that covers areas such as social media and content marketing this can have a positive impact on brand results. While the above figures support the claim that digital marketing is essential for success today it's dangerous to assume that digital marketing is not evolving and becoming even more important.

With this in mind it's important for businesses of all sizes to stay up-to-date with current trends so they can remain competitive.